Take Your Healing… FAST!

I had a significant dream wherein God showed me ministering in front of a group of people in a word of knowledge operation. After letting that flow forth, the Spirit started “highlighting” people in the audience, lighting them up one after the other. So I began to acknowledge these people: “You are being ‘highlighted’ by God.”

We need to take our healing quickly, move forward speedily, press into now. It is the violent who take it by force!

As soon as I said that, it was like the people were in water. Not falling into water, but it was like they were surrounded by water—kind of difficult to describe. But I said to them, “Test it out,” and as they began to stretch forth their limbs in faith—or whatever area they needed healing in—they would be spontaneously healed. It was happening all over the auditorium—such a powerful manifestation!

But then I looked down at myself and saw that one of my legs was horribly mangled and twisted, and I exclaimed in shock, “Oh, God, I need healing too!” I felt the tangible presence of the healing anointing strike my leg, and I heard these words from the Lord: “Take it fast!”

So I immediately stretched out my leg, and it was made whole. I started rejoicing before the Lord, and then I came out of the dream. I asked the Lord, “What did that mean?” (Seems like a relevant question, right?)

He said, “I want you train My people to take it fast.” In the context of receiving healing from Him, He was saying, “Take it fast! My people are receiving healing too slowly. I want you to teach them to receive from Me now.” We need to take it quickly, move forward speedily, press into now. It is the violent who take it by force! (See Matthew 11:12.)

When we “take it fast,” all we are doing is receiving healing from the Healer, moving to Him as quickly as we can with an expectation that our Father wants to heal us. It really means “take Him fast.” It is God’s very nature to be the Healer, so we are simply taking more of Him.

The Lord was showing me that hesitation is one of the opposites of faith. We need to be taught not to hesitate in any situation, specifically healing. Proverbs 28:1 tells us that the godly are as “bold as a lion.” Hebrews 4:16 admonishes us to “come boldly to the throne of grace.”

We shouldn’t need to be convinced God wants us healed. We should be taking our healing by force—now!

A lot of times, well-meaning Christians hesitate when they want to receive from God—either out of a misconception that they’re being humble and contrite or out of a lack of understanding that God is equally available to all His children. He accepts each one of us now just as openly as He accepts Jesus. The only reason you weren’t saved a year earlier is because you kept God waiting. It’s a similar notion to healing. It is there now and always has been in your lifetime. God isn’t waiting to heal you—you’re waiting to receive it. So why not take it fast?

I hear many excuses. For example, we’ll have a word of knowledge, say, about an injured thumb—down by the knuckle, perhaps—and the person out there with the hurt thumb hesitates. “Well, it’s not that area of my thumb that hurts—it’s up by the fingernail! That word must not be for me.” They debate with themselves. “That sounds like my condition, except it’s not exactly my condition, so I am not sure that word is for me.” That’s hesitation. It is not taking it fast! Make sure you don’t talk yourself out of a miracle!

If a word of knowledge goes forth for a specific purpose, that obviously means the presence of God is there for healing, so we should be clamoring to receive it—fast! It’s like we want to be 100 percent sure that God is saying, “Here is healing!” before we act on it. The truth is, it’s already 100 percent sure and was 100 percent sure before you were even born. You were healed by the atonement of the cross some 2,000 years ago (see 1 Pet. 2:24). We shouldn’t need to be convinced God wants us healed. We should be taking our healing by force—now!