Meet John & Janet


Dr. John Proodian

Dr. John Proodian is a former University Professor and his passion is to equip the saints for ministry and to see the love of Jesus manifest in the lives of others through healing, signs, and wonders.  John's passion is to activate the Word, while proclaiming the Word, enabling people to step into the moment by faith and encounter the healing power of Jesus.

John is so grateful to regularly see the lame walk, the blind see, and many other miracles by the power and love of God as formerly he saw few miracles. If John can now lay hands on the sick and see them recover (Mark 16) than anyone can. 

John and his wife Dr. Janet Proodian who is a professional singer, former University Professor, and prophetic minister, are graduates of Randy Clark's Global School of Ministry and have been in full time ministry for many years being mentored and ordained by world renowned author, professor, and healing evangelist Dr. James Maloney of Dove on the Rise International.

John is the author of Accelerated Healing and is a full time traveling evangelist with Dove on the Rise International sent to proclaim and release the Kingdom of God in signs, wonders, creative miracles, prophetic ministry, and healing throughout many nations of the world. They have been featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, TBN, and Daystar.

As a lover of music John has composed and conducted his own compositions, won awards, and has been recorded and performed by various orchestras, ensembles, and chamber groups throughout the United States. He has also been commissioned to compose specific works for orchestra including Fantasy on a Theme of Luther for Wind Symphony and Symphony #1 for full orchestra.


Dr. Janet Proodian

Janet Proodian has performed professionally as an opera singer and classical recitalist.  She holds a doctorate degree in vocal performance and has taught on the music faculties of Westmont College and Otterbein University. 

Upon encountering God's power through a miraculous healing in her body, Janet left her music career to attend Randy Clark's Global School of Supernatural Ministry.  After completing her studies, Janet and her husband John, who also attended GSSM, began traveling and ministering with world renowned healing evangelist Dr. James Maloney and were subsequently ordained by him as itinerate ministers through Dove on the Rise, Intl.  Janet home schools their children David and Elena and as a gifted musician, she continues to perform vocal solos with various ensembles and is a worshipper of God.

She also travels domestically and internationally as a public speaker equipping believers to hear God's voice and activating them in prophetic ministry. Her heart is to share revelation from God's word to equip the body of Christ to walk in the supernatural ways of God and prepare the church for Christ's return.



Dr. James Maloney

James Maloney has been in full-time, itinerant ministry for over forty years as president of Dove on the Rise International. As a well-respected prophetic voice with an apostolic, fathering mantle of impartation, James’ expression is marked by a powerful sign-and-wonder flow, heavily geared toward healing for the mind, soul and body.

The Lord has graced his ministry with a strong influence on the manifest presence of God’s glory in corporate and one-on-one encounters that leave a residual impartation within the congregation, furthering their impact on a regional level, even expanding into sections of their respective nations. This imparting element produces profound, prophetic revelation, coupled with strategic wisdom, within the people, as well as a significant increase in signs, wonders, miracles and healing that make the local church very attractive to the surrounding community.

As the Spirit directs, James moves in a prophetic seer operation, where specific details about people’s conditions are supernaturally revealed, thereby creating faith in Jesus Christ to receive their miracle. To God’s glory and honor alone, this panoramic flow has been consistently used to dissolve metal in people’s bodies, to create or recreate limbs, to liquefy tumors and pacemakers, to open blind eyes and deaf ears, and much more!

James holds a D.D., a Th.D. and a Ph.D. and taught in Bible schools for over twenty years. Because of his desire to see this type of body ministry replicated in the lives of others, he has authored several exciting books: The Dancing Hand of God, The Panoramic Seer, Overwhelmed by the Spirit, Aletheia Eleutheroo, The Wounded Cry, the Freedom Series, The Lord in the Fires, and Living above the Snake Line. He is also the compiler of the best-selling series Ladies of Gold and Rapture in the Middle East, the collected teachings of Frances Metcalfe and the Golden Candlestick.

James and his wife, Joy, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their grown children and seven grandsons.


Pastor Jim Bayne

Jim and Dena have been in the Coachella Valley for over 40 years. Jim was led to the Lord at 16 years old by his then girlfriend (now wife) Dena. She believed in him when most did not. Jim has been mentored by Pastor Eric Stovesand and Reverend Albie Pearson. In 2006, he was ordained by Albie Pearson through United Ministries International. He was appointed Senior Pastor by the DC3 leadership team in 2012. Jim has retired after 29 years of service in law enforcement as a Supervising Investigator. Dena retired after faithfully ministering 30 years as a registered nurse. Jim and Dena carry the Father's heart to the world. Their passion is to see others free to carry the love of Christ and impact the world. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.